Holly North Brutal Face Fucking Video Holly North Chokes on a Cock

Intense Hardcore Deep Throat Video With Holly North on FaceFucking.com

Holly North looks like a mix between Larry Bird, Garth and Flash Gordon. Her hair is as big as her ego. It's almost like she's wearing a helmet. Not to mention, she has zero tits, pretty much shaped like a boy. Anyway, where she lacks in the looks department, she makes up for being such a good submissive little slut. She takes Pauly's giant dong all the way down her throat time and time again. A prissy little bitch like her never had to put in a real day's work, but today she started. Watching those cheerleader type cunts barf all over themselves is priceless. Honestly, the humility they must feel as their stomachs empty onto a giant dick waving in their face is something must be seen to be appreciated. I always hated these kind of whores, but watching one put in the work makes me reconsider. Great scene today... take a look.

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